Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

So it's superbowl sunday. For some reason it's not as magical as when I was a kid. Maybe it's modern technology, I means when I was a kid it was really all that happened, that day. the whole family met up( typically at the relative who had the most room.. and a BBQ-grill. While the adulkts talked and drank inside the kids would play outside (usually with a football) and when game time came around you were excited that you would get to spend an extra hour awake.

I mean you never knew till the next day who won, since all the kids had to go to school the next day, but the whole first half of the game would be recapped all day at school ( and for a select few the half-time show).

But now that I'm an adult with a 4-year old. It's not as magical, I watch it mostly for the commercials. Which isn't even necessary anymore since they will be online a day before hand. So I sit here working on a few of my sites and updating a blog.

I guess when your a kid the light's shine a bit brighter, and the greatest thing is being able to just feel older. This all seems to reverse after thirty, you want to talk to your younger-self and cure a few of his "mis-conceptions".

Well back to trolling Digg and Fark, while I glance at the TV to see which commercial is winning.

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