Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Audio Editing and me.

So I have been directing Seminar over at Pendant Productions for about 3 months.. and there are a few things I have learned.

  1. the first 25 lines are the hardest: I say this for real.. and it's alwasy the same. the first 25 lines of every script I find myself going back and forth for hours trying the get the pacing and effects just right. after that it's easy, the lines start to flow the effects just fall into place and the music fills itself in nicely. But, those first 25 lines just kill you.
  2. Never plan to be done on time: I try to plan it out every time, this many lines a night and it will hit the due date for release. I read the scripts I spend 2 days pulling effects and then go and find myself changing direction and have to pull more effects.. pretty much making me have wasted 2 days. It's a simple fact that I am Insane.. I get that.
  3. Time management is not my strong suit: this could have probably ben combined with the one above, but, really it is it's own monster. Since the time you spend watching TV (Hey Heroes is still decent) and the time you spend trying to write.. and the time i spend wasting time.. it all gets in the way of Mixing. So Now I reward myself. I get to my line break, I get a game.. I get the show done I get 3 days of rest. It's all about building in your own reward system. chocolate works well.

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