Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 years is along time.

Wow, been along time since I did an Update. I thought i would keep up with the site, but I have allowed it to slip through the cracks. It's kinda depressing since I really wanted this to be my little outlet on the web. My own little form of therapy.

But I just .. well , didn't .

I'm back now and my plan is to get back to updating the site. I have alot to share, some of what I will be sharing will be items i shared elsewhere. This will be the place I tell the stories of my life from my time on the circus and carnival to the time spent trucking across the usa. Might even share some of my old pictures of the road. Donner Pass with snow, some sections of interstate 70 through Colorado.

It's all coming. I'm 40 now. the most dangerous age anyone can get too since it's the time when you wonder where all the time went. seems like only yesterday I was working nights st Saint pete JC  cleaning floors.  It wasn't.. but, it was a simpler time. updates are coming probably pick up next week as i get items and move them over here. till then, I work on refining other items .. more to come.